In Cahoots? You Better Know How to Collaborate
March 08, 2016

Collaboration. We at Cahoots like to say it’s at the heart of all that we do. For us, making beer is a collaborative process that is worth the hard work.

Collaborating sometimes seems like taking hard work and making it harder. Yes, it’s true that working together with others can sometimes lengthen the process. For example, everyone has probably been asked to collaborate on a project with someone else, only to find that it complicated things. More people means more opinions, and more time to include everyone in the decision-making process.

But we love collaborating, not because it improves efficiency, but because it is more fun and it almost always results in a better product. When making our beers, we truly value making something that is quality and having a good time while doing it. So for us, that means collaboration. How do we collaborate?

We collaborate as a brewing team-- sharing recipes, ideas and working together to improve our beers.

We collaborate with our fans-- naming contests, social media feedback, voting on beers styles, and more to come!

We collaborate with other breweries-- we started out as a gypsy brewery, and no matter how big we get, we plan to collaborate with our pals at other breweries that are making great beer.